You should start a blog…

Last weekend, I made a skirt.  I was inordinately proud of this skirt, and consequently spammed everyone I know with pictures of it via Facebook, Ravelry and text message.  My friend Ashwin came back with compliments on the skirt (well done, that was the right move!) and the question as to whether or not I had a blog.  Well, his exact words were ‘you should catalogue this in a blog’.  A man after my own heart; I love records.

This is far from the first blog I have ever started.  As a teenager, I was as enamored of as everyone else I knew, and I’ve dropped in and out of tumblr, twitter and instagram as the mood grabbed me.  I’ve not really stuck with any of them.  The eagle-eyed amongst you might also notice that this blog was in fact created in March 2014, over 2 years ago.  My posting was sporadic and low-quality, and I have decided to wipe the slate clean.  Apart from anything else, I’ve managed to work my way through a lot of my early dressmaking questions now, and I suspect the jump to ta-daa might be a bit jarring.

So why have I started again?  Ashwin’s question reminded me of a few things.  First of all, despite my lack of consistency and the fact that I’ve just deleted a whole 7 posts, I really do love a reminder of how I’ve developed.  Secondly, I would like to become more a part of the community that blogging offers; Ravelry is extremely effective for knitters but nothing has quite taken off in the same way for sewing the way that blogs have.  Finally, Ashwin’s question reminded me of another blog post I read, back when I was first learning to knit (10 years ago now – I was still at school!).  The Yarn Harlot, one of the most successful and well-known bloggers out there, opened her blog with a similar story.  Her friend Ken helped her set up her own blog, and look how far she’s come now.

So, new page, new start, new things to blog about.  Starting with that skirt.