Writer’s Fumeterre

2 months since I said I would try harder with the blog.  You can see how much of a success this is going to be.  Committed, I am not.

So 2 months ago I made Fumeterre by Deer & Doe.  This is my second Fumeterre, my first being a version in dark green wool crepe that I have worn to death.  The original was view B more or less as-written, except for a few length adjustments and changing to a basic turned hem rather than the wide hem facing in the pattern.

This version is view A, but with the addition of the pockets from view B (because every outfit needs pockets).  I must confess I probably like this version better.  Partly due to the buttons, the optical illusion of which somehow make me look taller than my profoundly average 5’3″ but also due to the fabric.  My wool crepe version developed a hole which I have never determined the cause of after a few wears (which hasn’t stopped me wearing it, but I really do need to cut it off above the damage and re-hem to knee length).  This version has been getting extremely regular wear for 2 months now and looks pretty much as new.


The entire enterprise, from cutting to final press, took me a few evenings.  The actual sewing, even for fiddly areas such as the belt loops, was very quick and straightforward and took no time at all.  The parts which took the most time were the buttons.  I am really considering looking for a Simflex to make matching up the buttonholes a bit more straightforward.  10 buttons took me an entire evening all on their own.

I cut a straight size 42 for this pattern.  With the skirt being quite wide, I didn’t have any problems fitting it to my hips so I only needed to worry about the waist measurement (what a lovely change).  The elasticated panel at the back helps take care of any residual fitting issues too.  I did however have to take 4″ off the bottom – this pattern seems to have been drafted for a giraffe.  The fabric was 4 meters of Rowan French, a 100% cotton that I bought back in April 2015 (£30 on sale).  It was originally destined to be a Cambie but I like it much better as a skirt.  It’s less overwhelming.

Maxi skirts are becoming more and more a staple in my wardrobe.  In an office which operates an entirely different climate than outside, it is brilliant to be able to keep my legs covered when it gets chilly.  I think I’ll be making a few more of these by the end of the year.


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